Just Asking…(Have you ever been successful in an area but felt unfulfilled?)

Many times, a person works hard in a particular area in order to advance. He devotes his time, energy and money, grabbing for success, all at the expense of his family, mental state and sometimes his physical well-being. When he is in this zone, everything else takes a back seat and reaching the goal is the only thing that matters.


Then it happens. He reaches his pinnacle of success, and he stands in the coveted place. He looks around, but the satisfaction he thought he would feel is missing in action. His relationships are in disarray, and even though others pat him on the back for his achievements, his heart aches because he knows he hadn’t done what that still, small voice told him to do.


As he stands examining his state, his outer glory shines brightly, but his inner promptings direct him to go in another direction. Fear creeps in because something inside is telling him to thread on unchartered ground, something that is unfamiliar to him. Will he remain in his false sense of security, or will he follow the inner voice? Will he remain in the familiar, or will he take a chance on himself?


If he stays with the familiar, he is not alone. Many individuals stay on unsatisfied paths because it’s easy, and there is no risk. They moan and complain about their states, but never find the strength within to do anything different. They are angry and discontented and start to blame their unhappiness on anything or anybody but themselves. Instead of stepping out in the unfamiliar, they go to their graves with untapped potential.


A few have the guts to take a chance; some do so with reckless abandon, but others chart out courses, taking baby steps. They find that when they follow that inner voice, doors begin to open in the most unusual places. They are not immune to failures and disappointments, but in the midst of these mishaps, they get back up, dust themselves off and continue on their paths. With each step, they feel a peace they never felt on prior paths.


In which group do you find yourself? If you are dissatisfied with your answer, you are the only one who can change it.

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