Just Asking…(What are you grateful for today?)

When I worked as a professional counselor, I ran across many unhappy people. It amazed me that individuals who looked so put together on the outside were so miserable and unsatisfied on the inside. They gave me reason after reason why they should be unhappy. Some experienced major losses, betrayals and hurts while others experienced these things in much lesser degrees. Regardless the extent of their pain and suffering, they engaged in the same destructive self-talk. They told themselves they were justified in holding on to their negative feelings. In essence, they were correct. A person has a right to his feelings, but if he wants to get pass uncomfortable ones, he has to take steps to move beyond the pain. I’m not saying it’s an easy journey, but it’s a journey every person can take.


I noticed many unhappy people have one thing in common: they rehearse negative thoughts frequently. One way to turn the tide just a bit is to create a gratitude list. I used to encourage them to create a gratitude list that included one-hundred items. (That’s right, one-hundred items.) Well, you can guess the responses I usually received. Here are a few:


“I can’t think of one thing, much less one-hundred.”
“That will take me forever.”
Some just laughed and looked at me as if I were an alien.


Regardless, when they took the challenge, they started listing things from years before. I’m not saying that solved the core issues, but it helped change their focuses, and as a result, it was easier to deal with the core issues.


If you are unhappy and disgruntled, I ask you to take the same challenge. Make a gratitude list (include no less than one-hundred items). If nothing more, it will bring a smile to your face.


Hope you have a marvelous day!!!


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