Just Asking…(How would you feel if your greatest secret were exposed for the world to see?)


As I sat at my computer this morning, this question popped into my head. I’ve been listening to a lot of news lately, something I rarely do, and the news media bombarded the airways with acts that others committed (some of them not so pretty). It’s easy to sit back and judge the accused unmercifully without having all the facts. As I sat as judge and jury on some cases, a few of my previous actions came to mind. Wow, I told myself, even though I hadn’t done some of the things they said others did, I am still happy that some of my actions are not paraded across the internet, newspaper, television and other media for the entire world to see. That thought made me take a step back and be a little less judgmental.


I’ve found that it’s easy to judge and sentence others in our minds without knowing all the facts. However, when it comes to our sins or shortcomings, we usually want mercy, understanding and forgiveness. And usually, those with the most heinous secrets, judge the severest. Why is this true? I don’t know, but I wish I had the answer.


As I said earlier, when my own shortcomings, sins, secrets (whatever you want to call them) rolled across my mind, I took a step back. I think instead of judging so severely, I’ll pray for all involved. I’m not excusing wrongdoing. I think we all should be held accountable for our actions, but I am saying that judging without knowing all the circumstances is very dangerous.


That’s my take on the situation.


Have a great day!!!

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