Just Asking…(Are your problems opportunities dressed in work clothes?)

If you live long enough, you will have a problem, not only a problem, but many problems. Problems are gifts (many times disguised) given to you for living. You may ask, how dare you say my problems are gifts? I don’t like them. I don’t understand them. They cause pain and grief, and I’m ready to get rid of them. How can such unpleasant things be described as gifts?


If you view your problem from a single perspective, you may never see the advantages. However, problems are designed to be dissected; they are meant to be examined from different perspectives. Here are some of the possible advantages of problems:


  • They can make you uncomfortable, forcing you to seek change.
  • They can cause you to reach out to those who can give you counsel and guidance.
  • They can motivate you to brainstorm, prompting you to look at them from different perspectives.
  • They can force you to ignite untapped potential, pushing you beyond your comfort zone.
  • They can weed out people and things in your life that are hindering your destiny.


Some of the greatest inventions, movements, discoveries, changes, etc. resulted from solving problems. But as a problem-solver, you can’t be wimpy. You must have the fortitude to tackle that problem until you find a solution. You must work at it until it is unraveled.


So quit looking at your problems as inconveniences and start looking at them as vehicles that will carry to the next level of your destiny. They are gifts, but only for those willing to open (or unravel) them.


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2 thoughts on “Just Asking…(Are your problems opportunities dressed in work clothes?)

  1. R.N.

    I agree with all of the points. It is just that I still don’t like problems. What I have learned is that whatever happens, happens for good. I mean there had been times when I was really troubled but later I realized that if that trouble had not happened, I would not have gained a particular good experience.
    So it is kind of bitter-sweet for me.


    1. vonchris Post author

      R. N.,
      I agree. I don’t like problems either; however, I know they are coming, so I do what I can about them and leave the rest.



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