Just Asking…(Do you possess the art of patience?)

Patience is an art. I define it as an art because an art requires skills. An art is something you invest time in, something you practice and perfect. Most people have to develop an art. In many instances, it comes with a lot of blood, sweat and tears.


So it is with patience. Patience is usually cultivated over time. It is something a person has to learn, practice and perfect. Babies don’t have this quality. They want immediate gratification. If they are hungry, they cry until they get food. If they want their pacifiers, they want them right away. If they want to be held, they cry until someone comes to the rescue.


However, as a person matures, self-gratification must take a back seat to patience. How does a person develop patience? He encounters circumstances and situations that don’t go as he desires then he looks for solutions, work towards those solutions and waits. He looks for more solutions; he works towards those solutions then waits again. He can try the same antics he engaged in as a baby, but those antics are unattractive once he reaches a certain age.


The good news is patience is an art everyone can develop. It all depends on how much time you’re willing to invest in it, how well you practice it and how willing you are to perfect it.


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