Just Asking…(Have you emptied the trash “in your mind” today?)

Taking out the trash is a chore that seems insignificant but if it is left undone, it wreaks havoc in your house. A person may clean his house from top to bottom, but if he leaves the trash in the garbage can, it corrupts his other efforts. At first, it may seem okay to allow the trash to build up. The person responsible for taking it out may say he’ll get to it later; but if he allows it to sit, it not only contaminates the space where it is contained, it contaminates areas around it.


What does this have to do with a person’s mind? If a person allows unhealthy and negative thoughts to linger, they will spread. Not only will they infect their resting place, but they will contaminate other areas. There is one thing about thoughts. They are not satisfied remaining in the mind. They want to be expressed and heard. And once they’re released, they can cause a lot of damage.


So be proactive. Don’t allow stored up trash to ruin important areas in your life. Empty it daily. It can be a lifesaver.


And remember, when you empty the trash of negative thoughts, don’t leave the container without contents. Replace it with positive thoughts. If you don’t, it leaves room for other negative and destructive thoughts to enter, many times, thoughts that are worse than the initial ones.

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