Just Asking…(Do you recognize the solution to your problem?)

Anyone would say that asking a desperate person the above question is ridiculous. However, I read something this morning that made me realize that everyone who says he is ready for change is not really prepared for change. Not only is he not ready for change, he wouldn’t recognize the solution if dropped into his lap.


There was a man waiting by the pool of Bethesda who had been sick for thirty-eight long years. He was surrounded by many impotent folk. Some were blind, halt and withered. (I found it interesting that he surrounded himself with like-minded folk). Anyway, they were waiting for the moving of the waters so they could be healed.


When the opportunity arose for the man to be healed (in a way he didn’t expect), the first thing he did was give an excuse. He explained why he couldn’t get what he so desperately wanted.


You see, the answer to his problem came, but it didn’t come dressed as he expected. Instead of immediately running with the solution, he explained away the cure. I have to give him credit though; he finally accepted the answer (even if it wasn’t the way he and those surrounding him thought it would come).


So if you want answers, make sure you don’t explain them away because they don’t come as you expect. Keep your eyes opened. An answer may approach you in an unusual way.

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