Just Asking…(Are you living a fruitful life while you wait?)

What is the one thing you’re working towards, praying about or wishing would happen? It may be your heart’s desire, and you want it desperately. Can it be a new job, a college degree, independence, a child, more money, a new house or a mate?


Whatever it is, you may have been longing for it for some time, hoping it will appear on your doorstep any moment. However, the moments have turned into hours, and the hours have turned into days. The days have turned into weeks, and the weeks have turned into a year. Now you start to count the years: two, three, four, ten or maybe more. You hate to give up on what you want, but it seems that it’s never going to manifest. So what do you do? You continue to do what you know to do, and then you wait.


The key is how you wait. When you wait with expectation, you refuse to move out of line. You don’t  give up on your legitimate desire.  When you’re expecting, you don’t sit around moping. You live your life to the fullest while you look for that thing to manifest. You stretch your neck in expectancy, and you don’t give up hope.


If you wait like this, you won’t waste your life if it doesn’t happen. However, if you wait with an air of expectancy while you’re living life to the fullest, the thing you so desperately desire, tends to make its way to you.

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2 thoughts on “Just Asking…(Are you living a fruitful life while you wait?)

  1. joedalio

    Thank you for the wonderful words! Waiting is not usually fun, but when you do it the way you present here you can’t lose. And you’re right… living to the fullest usually results in realizing the goal 🙂



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