Just Asking… (Are you equipped with the weapon of persistence?)

Whether you like it or not, you are in a battle. You are in a battle for your goals and dreams, even if you don’t want to be. You may stick your head in the sand and refuse to fight, but if you surrender, you will never accomplish what you were placed on this earth to accomplish.


On a whole, our goals and dreams are not given to us on golden platters. We must work towards them, pushing through obstacles and roadblocks that try to hinder our progress. Our obstacles may come in the form of friends, family, negative voices in our heads, enemies, circumstances, etc. Regardless, when we know that something is for us, we refuse to give in to the pressure that tries to stop us or get us off track.


When we are told we will never accomplish our dreams, or when others scoff at our efforts, we must develop attitudes of fortitude. In the times of attack, we must become stronger, more determined to cross the finished line.


Persistence is not for the weak. It’s not for the feeble. It’s not for the quitter. It’s for those who know that one day they will accomplish what they were created to do. They may have to climb mountains of doubt, tread through valleys of despair and even rest in days of weariness, but if they persist, in the end they will enjoy the fruit of their labors.


So if you have given up on your dreams, pull out your weapon of persistence. Use it skillfully and tactfully, and don’t give up until you’ve won!

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6 thoughts on “Just Asking… (Are you equipped with the weapon of persistence?)

  1. imperialglance

    I enjoyed your post. It was a great thought provoker to really think about what persistence is. Persistence is definitely a key we need to hold onto when chasing after our dreams and goals. That’s why it’s recommended for people to enjoy their passions and be aware of why they’re chasing after it. It’s easy for us to want a career, job, or position because of the money, power, or fame it’ll bring us. We’re wired to think that way due to countless commercials, advertisements, and television we’ve been brainwashed into blindly believing. But it’s why, “why” question that really sets us apart from the crowd. We have to ask ourselves why we want something before we thrive towards it. That’s how negativity could destroy a person. if a person wanted to be an artist or writer, but their family or friends said that was a pointless career that made little money, that discourages them and have them drop their persistence weapon. That’s why we develop a love and belief in what we want to do so little things like those won’t hurt us. And to sharpen our productivity sword, it’s best to do small habits from a day to day basis that makes us better than we were before. Whether it’s reading, writing, or just looking up something, better yourself so you receive “mini” victories. There’s much more to cover on this topic, but I’ll just keep it short here.



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