Just Asking… (Do you know words have power?)

Many people use words haphazardly. They allow all types of things to flow out of their mouths without thinking about the consequences. They don’t realize the power of words. They think words are just sounds to be uttered at will. However, when a person begins to understand the creative power of words, he will be more select about what he allows to come out of his mouth and what he allows to enter into his ears.


Words have the power to influence, direct and guide, many times without intention. A parent can tell a child that he will never amount to anything, and that child can absorb those words and follow the script that the parent wrote for him. A teacher can tell a student that he sees something special in the student, and even if the student doesn’t see it at the time, the student may begin to believe the words he heard.


I find it amazing that words can have a long-lasting impact on the hearer. I have seen people reacting to words of those who have long left this world. The words of a dead person still ring loudly in their minds, pushing them on paths and into behaviors not designed for them.


The most important words come from within. You can’t control what others say, but you can control what you tell yourself. If a boatload of negativity has been dumped into your mind, you can eject the package. How can you eject it? You start by creating a new course. You start by reciting daily affirmations, erasing the words that were spoken by others or foolishly spoken by you. In other words, you start by saying positive things about yourself to yourself. At first, it may seem foolish, but as you continue this practice, you will begin to see a change.


Remember, your words hold just as much value in your life as anyone else’s words. So if you don’t have anyone in your corner to speak positive words to you, don’t despair. Speak them to yourself!


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