Just Asking… (Isn’t it interesting that adversity is attached to victory?)

I smile when I hear a person say he wants to be victorious. Many times, he extends his chest and declares winning over losing. He decrees that he is equipped to handle the battle. He raves that he’s a conqueror. He confesses that he won’t quit until he crosses the finish line.


All of these things are admirable. However, when a person confesses victory, he is admitting he had to deal with an enemy, struggle or difficulty. He is saying someone or something pushed against him, trying to stop his progress. He is saying he had challenges, and he had to fight the odds.


It is easy for a person to state he’s victorious when things are calm. The real test comes when things get rough. During those times, an individual must ask himself does he still want victory. Will he still confess he is more than a conqueror, or does he abandon the crusade and start to complain?


I encourage you to confess your victory, but in your confessing, know what you are saying. In order to be victorious, you have to overcome enemies, obstacles, stumbling blocks and difficulties. The greater the victory, the greater the battle.


So don’t be alarmed when enemies, troubles, difficulties and struggles knock at your door. They’re presenting you with opportunities to be victorious. You are the only one who can decide whether victory will be the outcome.


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