Just Asking… (Is there anything in your life you would take a stand for even if you had to stand alone?)

 A person’s beliefs are crucial. They are so important that they direct the course of his life. Even though this is a powerful concept, I’ve discovered not all beliefs are universal. One person may hold a strong opinion or view on an issue while another person may hold an entirely different view on that same issue. That being said, I wonder how a person develops his beliefs. How does he forsake other views and protect those in his repertoire? Does he maintain a belief because his parents taught him that belief? Does he stand firm on a belief because a mentor instilled it in his mind? Is a belief part of his mental arsenal because experiences dictated it?


The other point of examination is the strength of a person’s beliefs. Is a particular belief powerful in someone’s life or does it lack luster? Does he believe a certain way as long as it is popular? Will he keep his beliefs only when family and friends approve? Will he maintain his beliefs as long as there is no opposition?


When a person really believes or has a strong conviction about something, it shows in his lifestyle. Whenever the opportunity arises, he takes a stand. When his beliefs are ingrained, circumstances and situations showcase his position. He doesn’t waver, and he is not wishy-washy. He stands even at the risk of looking ridiculous or suffering loss.


Taking a stand is not a private affair. It forces you to identify your position. It can bind you to some and set you apart from others. It may even cause you to stand alone.


I invite you to examine your life closely. Identify your convictions and beliefs. After identifying these things, ask yourself whether you believe them to a point that you would take a stand, even if it means standing alone.

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2 thoughts on “Just Asking… (Is there anything in your life you would take a stand for even if you had to stand alone?)

  1. R.N

    I did this exercise some time back (a year perhaps), I have a solid list. And honestly speaking, there had been times when I took stand for myself, all alone because I can’t compromise on certain values. It is difficult. But in the end, these values define you.



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