Just Asking… (Are there no guests at your pity party?)

Most people like a party. A party is a time for talking, laughing and having fun. It’s a time for socialization and letting your hair down. It’s a time for eating and drinking. Many times, it includes music, games and dancing. It’s a time for getting together with old friends and making new ones. The ultimate goal of a party is for guests to leave feeling better than when they arrived.


But there is a party that defies most parties. The guest list is small (usually one in attendance). The food is for stuffing feelings, and the only socialization is negative self-talk. The attendee may let his hair down (if he has hair), but it’s due to neglect instead of having fun. Crying replaces laughter, and the songs are not jovial; they are usually about how somebody wronged that person or how crappy his life is. The only dancing present are the destructive thoughts dancing in his head. And the games…well, he’s playing a mind game with himself.


The person sent out invitations, but no one responded. He hoped if others saw how miserable he was, they would rush to his rescue and shower him with attention and understanding. Instead, he sat alone, mulling over his state. Instead of feeling better at the end of the party, he felt worse.


Just remember in the real world, pity and party is an oxymoron. Therefore, if you expect guests at your party, you should lose the pity. It has a tendency to drive your guests away.

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