Just Asking… (Who have you allowed in your inner circle?)

Your choice of friends says a lot about you, but who you allow in your inner circle says even more. If wisdom were to advise you regarding your inner circle, it would tell you to guard your heart (mind) with all diligence. Why? Because what enters your heart has a way of directing your life. One of the most influential factors in your life is your inner circle. They are the people you listen to, confide in and trust. They are the ones with whom you let your mental, emotional and spiritual guards down. They are the ones whose thoughts and words hold a great weight in your life.


But have you evaluated the people in your inner circle lately? Are they worthy to remain there? Some have failed to evaluate the members of their inner circles and as a result have been disappointed or severely wounded. Instead of guarding their hearts, they’ve allowed acquaintances (those with whom they have casual contact) to slip into their inner circles. Instead of guarding their hearts, they’ve allow those who don’t have their best interests at heart to counsel them. Instead of guarding their hearts, they are influenced by those who are lost and clueless.


In your evaluation, remember right people energize you in positive ways (even when they correct or confront you), and wrong people drain you. Right people have your best interests at heart while wrong people are your friends when you experience pain but can’t tolerate your successes. Right people tell you the truth (in love) while wrong people find every opportunity to point out your flaws.


Treat your inner circle as the exclusive club it is. And if someone’s membership no longer meets the standards to remain in your inner circle, do yourself a favor and terminate his privileges.

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