Just Asking… (Do you know life will present you with the same test until you learn the lesson?)



Life is a patient teacher. It is not in a hurry to get you from one point to another; it will allow you to learn lessons as quickly or as slowly as you choose. It won’t even criticize you for not knowing there’s a lesson to be learned. It will continue presenting you with the same test, oftentimes clothed in different environments and with different faces. It will not scold you for failing. Your tears do not move it. Its only objective is for you to learn the information or skill needed to move to the next level.


Have you ever asked yourself why you keep finding yourself in the same situations? You may have moved umpteen times, but the new environment presents the same challenges as the one(s) you left. You may have changed partners, but the same issues that irritated you in the old relationships are irritating you in the new one. You may have developed new friendships, but the same characteristics you didn’t like in the old friends are popping up in your new friendships.


Running into the same issues repeatedly is an indicator that life is trying to teach you something. It is presenting you with a test, alerting you that you lack some information or skill needed in order to proceed.


If this is the case in your life, slow down, get quiet and self-examine. Get feedback from trusted advisors. And most importantly, pray. Use every tool that’s available to help you find answers. Since life is a patient teacher, it wants to give you answers. The tests are open-book tests, but you have to search for the answers in order to find them.


Now make a decision that this is the last time you will go around this mountain. Learn your lesson and move on. They’re other mountains to conquer.

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