Just Asking… (Do you know complaining doesn’t change your situation?)


Lately, I’ve been reading forums on different topics, and I’ve found many individuals posting their complaints about not succeeding as they think they should. Some of them rant, rave and blame the entities on which they’ve posted their contents for their lack of success. Some blame the economy, and some feel others have a conspiracy against them. It amazes me that in most of these posts, the writer doesn’t look within for the problem.


As long as a person blames someone else for his lack of success, he will never make the changes necessary to succeed. Complaining gives a person a crippling crutch to lean on. It zaps his energy, and instead of leading him towards solutions, it allows him to spiral down into the depths of despair. Complaining also keeps a person in a “stuck place.” It blocks creativity, and it fails to look at options. Complaining may seem logical at the moment, but it never offers anything productive.


The interesting thing about a complaint is it must be expressed. Not only is the complainer contaminating his atmosphere with negativity, he is also contaminating the atmosphere of others.


Just remember, the energy used in complaining could best be used for problem-solving, exploring options and in other positive avenues. So the next time you’re tempted to complain, remember it doesn’t bring you any closer to your desired goal. It steals time that could be used in solving the problem.

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