Just Asking… (Have you encouraged anyone today?)


When we look around the world, we see hopelessness, pain and despair. Not only do we see these things in strangers, we see these things among family members, friends and acquaintances. Many times, we shake our heads in pity and say we wish things were different. We say if we were rich, we would make changes. We claim if we were influential, we would make a difference. We reason if we had more resources, we would move mountains. This sounds honorable, but what happens if you never get rich? What happens if you never become more influential? What happens if additional resources don’t show up on your doorstep? Will not obtaining these things help you feel justified in not encouraging others?


I believe we are allowed to see certain situations for a reason. What touches us may not touch someone else. What moves us may not move another. What causes aches in our souls may not make another blink an eye. However, the things that touch, move or cause aches in our souls may be indicators that we can make changes in those areas, even if only in small ways.


An encouraging word can stop someone from giving up. A hug can make someone feel loved. A telephone call or letter may make someone feel that you care. A cooked meal may make someone feel valuable. A pat on the back may make someone feel proud. Babysitting for a single parent may give him or her relief. Offering to take an older person to the grocery store may save that person his last dollar. A smile may make someone smile back.


I know these things sound menial, but sometimes the most menial things have the greatest impact; and if we start where we are, doing what we can do, other opportunities will present themselves.


Therefore, never see yourself as powerless when it comes to making changes or encouraging others. You may not change the world over night, but you can do your part, one kind deed at a time. So why are you waiting? Go out of your way to encourage someone today. Not only will it benefit the receiver, it will place you in a position to receive encouragement and kindness.

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