Just Asking… (Can you live out your mountaintop moments in your everyday life?)

Mountaintop moments can be some of the greatest experiences in a person’s life. They tend to push the person above the drudgery of everyday living, and expel him to a realm of excitement and fascination. They can open the person’s eyes to new aspects of his life, pushing him to explore and learn. The wonderful thing about these monumental moments is that they charge a person’s emotions. They make him feel more alive; they seem to give him a sense of purpose. They take him to a place that’s different from his norm.


These bursts of emotions resulting from mountaintop moments may come in many forms. When a person gets married, he may experience the bells and whistles. When he has that first child, he may be elated. When he gets a new job, he may be on cloud nine. When he receives his diploma, he may be filled with excitement. When he travels to a new destination, he may be captured by wonderment. The list is endless.


When a person encounters these grand moments in his life, he may want the initial excitement to remain with him forever, but the strange thing about mountaintop moments is that when a person lives with them for a while, they fade from being mountaintop moments to becoming a part of his everyday repertoire.


So don’t despair if the initial emotions fade from your mountaintop experience. The emotions were designed to capture your attention, to stimulate you. The real test is living out that experience so it will grow and develop you.

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