Just Asking… (Do you realize your talents can take you higher than your integrity can keep you?)

Advanced technology is a beautiful thing. It allows us to connect to people all over the world. It provides us with information in a matter of seconds. It gives us virtual tours of places we may never visit, and it exposes our talents for the world to see.


In spite of the wonderful advances made with technology, there are drawbacks. Technology can push a novice (somebody who is beginning or learning an activity and has acquired little skill in it) to places of grandeur before he is ready to handle it. The person may be talented in an area but is not developed to handle everything that goes along with success. Instead of learning through a process, he is jolted in the limelight, ripe for any opportunist to take advantage of him. Before he has established values and boundaries for his life, he is pushed in an arena that’s waiting to define him. This is not only true about novices, but about anyone who doesn’t operate in integrity.


Don’t get me wrong, I love success. However, with success comes responsibility, and many people rise higher than their integrity can keep them. They can handle the glitz, glamour and doting of the fans, but they fail to realize that when they step into the limelight, society labels them role models. Whether they like it or not, their actions are dissected and scrutinized.


We have seen this repeatedly. Many men and women are talented in their fields, but their personal lives are in shambles. They can magnetize the crowds with their gifts, but repeated moral failures cause them to experience shame. The masses love them, but they refuse to deal with personal issues that are destroying their lives.


We can readily see this in the famous because their lives are exposed for the world to see, but not only is this true for the famous, it is true for all. I’m not saying that anyone is perfect, but with success comes responsibility. Therefore, if you decide to put on the banner of success, remember the backside of it reads personal responsibility. If you refuse to accept both sides, a lack of integrity awaits to escort you to a place of shame and humiliation.

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