Just Asking… (Do you know closed doors can lead you to your prosperous place?)

I don’t know how many people believe in divine intervention in their lives, but I am one of those who do. I think in spite of all of our efforts, we need assistance when things are too difficult for us to handle. We need guidance when we don’t know where to go or which way to turn. We need help when our friends or valued counselors don’t have the right advice for our situations. We need direction when our decisions can change the courses of our lives.


Sometimes it’s difficult to know when we are being led to go in certain directions. Sometimes our minds are so noisy; we can’t hear that still, small voice speak to us. Sometimes we are afraid to let go and allow a higher being to lead the way. Sometimes we want one thing so badly; we are unwilling to look in another direction.


That’s when the beauty of a closed door emerges. A closed door can indicate that we are going the wrong way, or it can reveal that we’re on the right path but something is amiss. A closed door prompts us to stop what we’re doing and evaluate where we are. It invites us to look at our situations from all perspectives. It encourages us to explore our options.


I must admit; I’ve had many closed doors in my life. Before I learned the value of closed doors, I would sulk in defeat or get angry and push against the door until I was exhausted. When I saw these actions weren’t to my advantage, I started looking at closed doors from a different perspective. I started seeing them as signposts to lead me towards or away from something. I started to look at them as one way that God was leading me. Now when I experience closed doors, I know I am getting ready to experience a time of examination and exploration. I know they aren’t meant to frustrate me, but they are meant to grow and stretch me. When I stopped fighting against them and started seeing them as signposts for growth, I started moving in directions that were initially unavailable to me.


I can truly say that every closed door that I’ve encountered has led me to a better place. But that only became a reality for me when I worked with them instead of against them.


I invite you to reexamine your closed doors. Start seeing them as opportunities for growth. Allow them to stretch and strengthen you. If you do, you may find that they aren’t designed to hinder you, but they are helping to guide you to your prosperous place.

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