Just Asking… (Are you trying to hold on to something you need to release?)

Many of us like the routines of life. We go to bed at the same time; we get up at the same time. We engage in the same activities. We go out with the same friends, and we eat the same foods. We watch our favorite television shows, and we sing our favorite songs. Even though we may occasionally venture out and try new things, we hold fast to the things that are familiar, things that have become part of our everyday living.


Holding on to the familiar may seem comforting, but there are times when we must release the familiar. There are times when we need to close the doors on some things and turn the pages on others. There are times when the familiar is hurting us instead of helping us. There are times when the familiar stunts our growth.


The familiar can take any shape or form. It can be a friend, thing, occupation, habit, attitude, etc. It may have been with us a short time or for an extended amount of time. It may have been good for us in the past, but it no longer serves a positive purpose in our lives.


In a desperate attempt to rekindle the joy and happiness we once experienced with the familiar, we cling to it with our very lives. Nevertheless, the tighter we hold on to something that needs to be released, the more intense the pain gets. The more we try to recapture those “good times,” the more depressed we get. We may not want to admit it, but the familiar doesn’t fit in our lives any more, no matter how desperately we try to force it.


Is there anything in your life you know you need to release? Are you trying to force it to fit as it once did? Are you holding on to it even though it is destroying you? If the familiar is causing that much pain, then it may be wise to let it go. Remember, you have only one life to live, and wasting time with something that is destroying you may not be the best way to live it.

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