Just Asking… (Isn’t it wonderful when the favor of God supersedes our works?)

I am an advocate for hard work; however, there are times when God shows up on the scene and provides favor for His children. He doesn’t give it to us because we’re intelligent, attractive, adorable or deserving. God just decides to bestow favor upon us because He is God.


The thing I like about favor is a person can be going about his daily affairs, and favor will come upon him and overtake him. Unexpectedly, he may be connected to a contact who will expand his business. Out of the blue, he may meet the person of his dreams. In an instant, he may obtain an idea that will change his life forever. In passing, someone may give him something he wanted, free of charge. Without notice, that person he has been praying for changes his life. Within minutes, a heavy burden is lifted. With favor, the list is endless.


Favor can come in small packages, or it can come in large ones. Yet, it cannot be controlled. A person can’t buy it, nor can he manipulate God to shower it upon him. The only thing he can do in regards to favor is see it as a gift. As it is with any gift, a person must receive it willingly. He doesn’t have to repay the Gift Giver, and there are no stipulations included. A “thank-you” would be appreciated, but that is not even required.


If you haven’t done so yet, make it a practice to expect favor in your life. Live your life to the fullest and work diligently, but keep a space opened for God to step in and drench you with favor. He may channel it through a stranger, family member or friend, or it may come through a miraculous source. Regardless the vehicle, it’s always timely and perfect. So keep your eyes opened and your neck stretched out in expectancy. Favor may come knocking on your door, “just because.”

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5 thoughts on “Just Asking… (Isn’t it wonderful when the favor of God supersedes our works?)

    1. vonchris Post author

      Thanks! Since I’m new at blogging, I don’t know what I have to do, but I’m honored that you think my blog is inspiring! Thanks again.


  1. R.N

    You actually topped my list. 😀
    I really love what you write. And you can check the nomination post at my blog, it has all rules listed.



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