Just Asking… (Are you really ready to receive your request?)


If a six-year-old child came to you and asked you to take him to get his driver’s license, you would probably tell him you will take him to get it when he’s older and more mature. You may give him the rationale for your decision, but you expect him to trust that you know best. The child may listen intently to your words, but his mind is already made up. He thinks he’s ready to handle the task, and even though you’ve already spelled out reasons for the delay, he continues to bug you about the situation. He tells you that he knows he’s ready, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to prove it. He pleads with you, sheds tears, tells you that you don’t understand him, throws a temper tantrum, and even shouts at you, but you stand your ground. Even though you know it’s his heart’s desire, you know he is not ready to handle his request. You watch him sulk, but you refuse to give in because you know giving in would be the wrong decision.


So it is with us. Many times, we ask for things we are not ready to receive. We believe we can handle our requests, but if they were granted to us at this point in our lives, they would destroy us.


When the answers to our requests are delayed, we sometimes pout, throw temper tantrums, cry, beg, plead or even make vows. Despite our actions, the answers to our requests are put on hold until we are capable of handling them.


Why would a person ask for a five-bedroom house when he can’t manage things in his one-bedroom apartment? Why would he ask for millions when he doesn’t know how to handle hundreds? Why would he ask for a mate when he’s unhappy with himself? Why would he ask for a promotion when he’s late every day on his current job?


Sometimes we have to perfect where we are before we can move forward. Just remember, when our requests are not being manifested, it doesn’t necessarily mean no; it may mean they’ll be delivered when we’re ready to receive them.

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