Just Asking… (Can you see your situation through the eyes of faith?)

Faith. Only five letters, but such a powerful concept. To help us understand it, scholars have defined faith in many ways. It has been defined as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. It has been defined as a force or power used to overcome obstacles and difficulties. It has been defined as a set of beliefs or principles. In an attempt to simplify the term, I’ll define it as knowing what you don’t know, seeing what you can’t see, feeling what you don’t feel and possessing in your mind’s eye what you don’t possess tangibly. It is a combination of many definitions. Faith is a force. It is the substance (the evidence or reality) of something that the natural senses hadn’t yet experienced. Not only is it a strong belief in something, but the person believes so strongly, he takes action steps to bring his belief into manifestation.


Faith has legs. It takes steps. It moves towards the desired goal. Even in the face of obstacles, faith sees the end. It looks past what is and sees what will be. It dodges the naysayers and refuses to rest with the doubtful. It is tireless, and it doesn’t rest until it reaches its destination. When knocked down, faith gets back up, stronger and more determined than before. And it has a voice. Yes, faith speaks. But it doesn’t speak randomly, it speaks what it knows in its knower. It speaks what seems foolish to others but is understood perfectly by the one in pursuit of his goals. Faith feels the pains and struggles, but in spite of feelings, it moves closer to the desired thing. It’s strong and powerful, but flexible enough to endure the twists and turns of life.


In essence, if you can see your situation with the eyes of faith (that is, if you can see in your mind’s eye where you want to be and see yourself as if you’re already there), and you’re willing to add action steps to your faith, you will begin to move beyond your current circumstances. So stop looking at your situations as they are right now. Start seeing them through the eyes of faith. Once you do, your circumstances have no choice but to change.

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