Just Asking… (Are you listening to the wrong voices?)

I remember the process of looking to purchase my first house. As an eager and gung ho property virgin, I went to the bank to speak to one of the bank’s representatives. When I told her what I wanted, she scanned the contents in my portfolio. After her brief perusal, she told me there was no way I could get what I was asking for. I thanked her for her advice, packed my things and headed out the door. Even though she was blunt and spoke with conviction, something within me wouldn’t absorb her words. I recognized she looked at my situation and came to her conclusion, but within me, I knew what I wanted was available to me.


For months afterwards, I continued my house search. Everything I wanted was out of my price range, and because I knew I needed to use wisdom, I refused to get in over my head in debt. After much searching coupled with periods of frustration, I finally found the house I wanted. By the time I took some friends to see it, it was already “under contract.” At that moment, the voice of the bank representative rang in my mind. It mocked my efforts, and I retreated in disappointment.


However, as fate would have it, I reconnected with a friend I hadn’t seen in some time. She showed me the plans she had for a house she wanted to build. She spoke with such conviction that it prompted me to restart my house search.


To my amazement, I found a house shortly after I resumed my quest. And guess what? It had everything I asked for and more (and it was well within my price range). I immediately made an offer on the property and shortly thereafter moved in, defying the very words that tried to dissuade me.


Why did I provide this illustration? I wanted you to know that just because somebody says you can’t doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t. Just because somebody tells you something you want to do is impossible doesn’t necessarily mean it’s impossible. Just because someone tells you it’ll never happen doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t happen.


Many people have risen to great success after they were told no. They refused to allow that word to stop them. They continued on their paths even if they had to travel them alone.


What is something you gave up on because somebody told you that you couldn’t obtain it? I’m not talking about overriding someone’s will, but I’m talking about a goal you’ve made for yourself. Whatever it is, shake off that disappointment and resume your journey. Make a decision to defy those words that made you quit. If you do, you may also find yourself living in that thing someone said was out of your reach.

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