Just Asking… (Has your relationship grown stale?)

Relationships are interesting. No two are alike, and they require different things to survive. Even though they can be like night and day, there’s one commonality in all healthy relationships. In order for them to flourish, the individuals involved must invest time in them. If each partner fails to invest “adequate” time in the relationship, it will soon grow stale. It would be nice if one could place a relationship on autopilot and make it function properly, but that’s not the case. And even though different relationships may require different actions to make them work, investing time (in whatever form that works for you) is an essential ingredient.


What does it reveal when you invest time in your relationship? It shows that you care. Time is a valuable commodity, and it has been said that you can tell what a person values by how he spends his time. A person can say that he loves someone, but if he fails to carve out time for that person, his love is probably shallow. After a while it becomes hard to believe a person’s words if he invests time in everything else besides the relationship.


There’s no predetermined amount of time that’s perfect. The importance is not on the amount, but on the quality. And remember, it’s important not to compare your relationship with other relationships, you must examine your relationship and decide how to best invest your time.


One thing holds true. If you fail to invest time in your relationship, you will see the results. Neglecting your relationship makes it easy for the love and affection that you once had to slowly disappear and fade away to nothing. It depletes the freshness and causes it to become stale.


If you’ve fallen into a rut in your relationship, consider investing time in it. Find the things that you and your mate enjoy and get busy doing them. And don’t go by your feelings, they aren’t important. Invest the time, and if you’re sincere and committed, the feelings could follow.

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2 thoughts on “Just Asking… (Has your relationship grown stale?)

  1. mik1999

    A good reminder. For us, the trick to keeping our relationship fresh (we’ve been married 13 years) is time, energy and humility. Time for our relationship to be a priority over other aspects of our life; energy to make sure we are making the most of the time we set aside for ourselves and humility to accept that change and new things we do are not a criticism of how we have behaved in our relationship in the past.



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