Just Asking… (Do you take time to rest?)

In today’s society, most people’s lives are bombarded with busyness. Many have to work eight hours or more per day. Afterwards, they take their children to different practices, attend meetings and activities, and find time to complete household chores. If they are stay at home mothers, they are running from one errand to another, trying to jam everything into one day.


To add insult to injury, the media shows its viewers all the things happy individuals are doing and suggest that if a person wants to be among the satisfied, he must engage in those same behaviors. The media tells all willing to listen about the newest gadgets, and by the time a person gets used to the ones he’s purchased, new ones have emerged.


Not only can a person’s body be bombarded with busyness, but his mind can also enter the same rat race. Instead of taking time to be still and enjoy the moment, he may be doing one thing, but his mind has taken him on a journey of a million and one things to do. He may become frustrated when he realizes he doesn’t have enough hours in the day, and as a result, start demonstrating symptoms of stress.


How in the world can someone remedy this situation? He can take time to rest. When one rests, he takes time for himself. He takes time to be still; time to be quiet. He takes time to calm his thoughts; time to listen to the stillness within.


To many people this is a foreign concept. They wonder how they can take time for themselves when people and things are competing for their attention. How can they be still and shut things off when their minds are telling them they are already running behind schedule?


Well, it will never happen if a person doesn’t purposely make time for rest. He must decide that some things (those that are not life or death situations) will have to wait, even when those things scream that they need to be dealt with. He must ignore the tugging to do it right now.


In conclusion, I want to pose these questions to you. When is the last time you purposely blocked out time to rest your mind and body? When is the last time you put your “to do” list down in order to get quiet and still? When is the last time you turned off your electronics and just spent time with yourself?


Remember, you have only one body and one mind, and they need rest in order to feel rejuvenated. So make an appointment with yourself sometime soon. Let things go for a few hours or a couple of days and get the rest your mind and body so desperately need.

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