Just Asking… (Do you need to add a little spice to your relationship?)

1. Hold hands in public.
2. Write him/her a poem.
3. Put on his/her favorite fragrance.
4. Take a walk on the beach.
5. Go on a train ride.
6. Send flowers.
7. Hide small gifts around the house for mate to find.
8. Bring him/her breakfast in bed.
9.Take a bike ride together.
10. Sing a song for him/her.
11. Write him/her a love letter.
12. Hide note in his/her lunch box.
13. Play a board game together.
14. Complete puzzle together.
15. Take him/her on surprise outing.
16. Sit and snuggle.
17. Say “I love you” to him/her.
18. Pray for him/her.
19. Send him/her a “love text.”
20. Buy him/her candy.
21. Walk around your neighborhood together.
22. Go to a play.
23. Bake cookies together.
24. Take a fun class together.
25. Hide a love note under his/her pillow.
26. Go to dinner.
27. Do one of his/her chores.
28. Take a shower together.
29. Go to a movie.
30. Buy him/her a card expressing your love.
31. Go on a horse-drawn carriage ride.
32. Wink at him/her in public.
33. Make favorite drink for him/her.
34. Engage in a new activity together.
35. Dance to your favorite music.
36. Watch the stars at night.
37. Share a drink.
38. Dress sexy for him/her.
39. Run bubble bath for him/her.
40. Volunteer for worthy cause together.
41. Make list of ten things you like about mate and share it with him/her.
42. Tell him/her “thank you” for what he/she does for you.
43. Write love message on bathroom mirror with lipstick.
44. Give him/her pass for “do nothing day.”
45. Buy him/her a new outfit.
46. Cook dinner for him/her.
47. Watch favorite television show together.
48. Make a scrapbook depicting your life together.
49. Have friends over for an “I Love My Mate” party.
50. Thank God frequently for sending that special person into your life.

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