Just Asking… (Do you know you are awesome?)

You are unique. You were formed in the Creator’s image, skillfully and wonderfully made. You have a brain that works, a heart that beats and other organs that function, all synchronized to a rhythm that keep you alive. You were chosen to adorn this earth at this point in history. And even though you didn’t choose the date of your birth, you are given the gift of choosing the direction of your life. You are graced with specific talents and abilities, talents and abilities designed to be discovered and perfected. You have experiences that others may or may not have, and those experiences help shape, mend and mold you. You have your own sensitivities, your likes and dislikes. Not only that, you have specific beliefs, things that cause you look at the world from a different perspective.


It’s amazing that your fingerprints are different from everyone else’s. That confirms that there’s no one like you. It validates that you are so awesome that after you were created, there was no need for a replica.


Take a minute to focus on your greatness. The hairs on your head are so numerous; you can’t count them. Your thoughts are so vast; you can’t remember them all. Your experiences so varied; they all can’t be recorded, and your ability to dream is so boundless, you can never capture it in the world’s largest container.


Being that you sport such splendor, how can you ever doubt your worth? Don’t you see what the Creator sees? Don’t you look at yourself as He looks at you? If not, change your perspective. Don’t look at yourself through your mistakes and failures, look at yourself as the vessel you were created to be. Seeing value in yourself is not being braggadocios; it’s admiring the beauty instilled in you by the Creator.


If you are looking at yourself from the wrong perspective, reposition yourself and take another look. Start seeing your greatness. Once you do, you will be motivated to live out a script to validate who you really are.

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