Just Asking… (How’s your attitude when things get tough?)

There’s nothing better than a positive attitude. A positive attitude exudes optimism and positive energy. It is attractive, and it has the tendency to draw others towards you. A positive attitude is contagious, and it brightens the atmosphere. It sees the glass as half full and not half empty. Its very nature is to make situations better.


Almost anyone can have a positive attitude when things are going smoothly. It doesn’t take much energy to conjure up a positive attitude when all of one’s needs are being met and success pops up on every turn. In fact, most people demonstrate that things are going well in their lives by their attitudes.


On the other hand, it takes effort to portray a positive attitude when things aren’t going as planned. It takes strength to remain positive when situation after situation seems to be a struggle. It takes fortitude to look at the bright side when the situation looks dark and bleak.


Difficulties and challenges have a tendency of revealing things about a person that good times never will. It shows what a person is made of. It shows how he responds when things don’t go his way. It unravels the hidden motives and thoughts and brings those things to the forefront. It shucks the mask and places the true self on display.


Ask yourself a few questions. Can you portray a positive attitude when you’ve experienced a major disappointment? Will you remain positive when you didn’t get what you wanted? Can you keep a right mental attitude when the wait is longer than you expected? Will you remain calm and dignified when someone does something you don’t like?


It’s easy to allow your attitude to spiral downward when things don’t go as expected. However, maintaining a positive attitude in any situation is a choice. You have control over the matter. So use your power and refuse to succumb to negative situations. Make a decision to maintain a positive attitude regardless of what life throws your way, and if you momentarily slip, jump back up, dust the negative off and showcase your positive attitude for the world to see.

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