Just Asking… (When is the last time you turned off everything and talked to your loved ones?)

We live in a unique time. We have the privilege of seeing society change right before our eyes. We experience things that some of our ancestors never thought of experiencing, and we can do things that some of yesteryear said were impossible to do.


Who ever thought we would be able to connect to people around the world with the click of a few keys? Who ever thought that numerous individuals would be walking around with cell phones, talking to others at will? Who ever thought that modern medicine would have advanced as it has? Moreover, who ever thought that computers would play such a dominant role in our world as they do?


It’s amazing to see different developments and discoveries transpire, and it’s amazing to watch each generation progress more rapidly than the one before. Yet in spite of such amazing advancement, there’s something that if not guarded carefully will rapidly regress. That precious asset is communication with our loved ones.


Isn’t it interesting that we can share things on social media and get excited when others post pictures about themselves and what they’ve done, but fail to ask our spouse how was his or her day? Isn’t it interesting that we can spend numerous hours on video games every week but fail to spend one hour per week finding out how those we say we love feel about things? Isn’t it interesting that we can research any topic on the internet, but many times fail to know what’s going on with our children? Isn’t it interesting that we keep up with the news, but fail to examine what’s going on in our homes? Isn’t it something when we can’t eat a meal together without watching television or using electronics?


Advancement is excellent and brings with it many benefits, but is it worth sacrificing relationships with your loved ones? Are you guilty of relating more to those in the blogosphere than those in your own home? If you are, decide whether it would benefit you and your loved ones to turn off “the things” in order to reconnect. If you do, you may discover some interesting data that’s living right under your nose.

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