Just Asking… (Are you taking your “good thing” for granted?)

All of us at some point have wanted something we didn’t have. We may have spent days, weeks, months or years preparing for it, visualizing how we would behave when that particular thing manifested in our lives. We may have told our family and friends what it would be like when that thing arrived. We may have prayed, cried or begged for the thing, or we may have waited patiently for it to arrive. Regardless, we felt we wouldn’t be satisfied until we received our heart’s desire.


At the appointed time, “the thing” arrived. We had difficulty containing our excitement, and initially, we treated “the thing” with the utmost respect. We spent time with “the thing,” and we gave it our unmitigated attention. The honeymoon with “the thing” was wonderful. We may have grandstanded it every chance we got, or if we didn’t expose it for others to see, we lavished it with constant care.


As time passed, we spent less time with “the thing.” We had gotten accustomed to it being with us, and it no longer was as exciting as it used to be. Instead of seeing it as a blessing as we once did, it became familiar to us, sometimes even burdening us. Instead of being happy to be in its presence, we loathed the time it drained from us. At times, we felt it was in the way. Our perspective about “the thing” changed. We expected it to be there, but we no longer appreciated it as we once did.


Think about this for a moment. Can you relate to taking your “good thing” for granted? Can you remember once cherishing that spouse, car, house, job, pet, etc., now you don’t see it in the same light? Can you honestly admit that you don’t treat your “good thing” with the same respect that you initially did?


If this is the case, back up and reevaluate what your “good thing” means to you. If it is still valuable, don’t take it for granted. Rekindle the affection you once had for it. Start treating it as you once did, even though it has been with you for a while. If it’s good, start treating it good now. Tomorrow may be too late.

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