Just Asking… (Do you realize your thoughts can direct your life?)

The ability to think is one of the greatest assets that a person has. When a person thinks, he evaluates information, remember things, imagines and make decisions. Experiences, exposures, observations, mentors, etc. can influence a person’s thinking. However, it is interesting that only one individual can control a person’s thought processes, and that’s the individual himself.


Even though a person may be exposed to different information, on some level, he must decide whether to accept or reject the information presented to him. Most of the time, he makes decisions based on the information he’s accepted or rejected.


A person’s thoughts are so powerful that they direct the course of his life. If he believes he can’t do something, most of the time that will become his reality. If he believes something is within his grasp, usually it is. If a person doesn’t think he deserves something, he will find a way to cause that thing to leave his life. If he believes that something is too hard, he will not accomplish it despite the fact that he has cheerleaders in his corner.


If a person wants to change his life, he must change his thoughts. In order to change his thoughts, he must expose himself to new information, experiences and people. He must evaluate the information he’s exposed to and decide whether it will benefit or hinder his progress. If it’s beneficial, he can meditate on it in order to make it a part of his repertoire. If it’s a hindrance, he must immediately replace that thought with a positive one.


In the beginning, changing one’s thoughts will take a lot of time and effort. However, if a person continually works at it, it will be second nature to him.


So look at your life and decide whether you like the results. If you don’t, start working on your thought life. Once you do, change will follow.

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