Just Asking… (Do you know there is power in prayer?)

We live in a world where there is infinite wisdom. The only problem is that at times, we don’t know how to tap into that wisdom as it relates to our situations. There are times when we are at a standstill, or we may not know which route to take. Our problems may seem overwhelming, or our burdens may be too difficult to bear.


In times like these, it is a privilege to be able to take our concerns to God in prayer. Prayer is communication with our Maker. It is sharing and listening. It is genuinely talking to the Creator, knowing that He is always available.


I know people have many formulas for prayer, but I would encourage you to talk to God straight from the heart. Since He formed you and knows all about you, you don’t have to dress things up to speak to Him. Yes, there is reverence when you enter His presence; however, He admonishes us to come as we are, talk to Him with a sincerity of heart, spend time with Him, trusting that He has our best interests at heart.


Isn’t it wonderful to know that One Who is wisdom is willing to dispense wisdom to us if we ask? No, He is not a genie, nor is He a magic wand that you have at your beck and call. He is One Who wants to spend time with you. One Who wants a relationship with you, One Who is concerned about you. One Who wants you to cast all of your cares on Him. He is willing to bear your burdens or show you a light at the end of the tunnel. He will direct you if you would give Him the opportunity.


I invite you to take a challenge. Start inviting God into your situations. Speak to Him about your hopes and dreams. Talk to Him about your concerns. You don’t have to spend long hours praying (you can if you wish), but before you attempt things, talk to Him about them. If you’re in an impasse, ask for wisdom. After doing this consistently, you determine for yourself whether there is power in prayer. And remember, you may not see quick results, but if you persist, the results will be amazing.

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