Just Asking… (Are you living a life of progression?)

A person’s life is not designed to be stagnant. He was created to proceed through various stages; even the very nature of his physical development validates this principle. He moves through the stages of infant, child, teen, young adult, adult, and elderly. If he fails to progress through the stages at various intervals, that’s an indication that something is wrong.


The same holds true for other areas in his life. He is expected to change throughout the years, and if he is living to the fullest, he should be moving forward instead of backwards. Even if he has to step back for a brief period, it is to get him on the road to personal success (whatever personal success is to him). Granted, each person has a different starting point, and a different course to run, yet each person is expected to advance on his course. It would be dismal to watch a person year after year remaining in the same state, making excuses why he can’t move to the next level.


Even though challenges will present themselves along the way, the person has to have enough gumption to find a way to go over them, around them, through them or under them. He was not created to remain in the same state year after year, dispensing energy but seeing no results.


Establishing goals will assist in this process. Not only will they help him measure his progress, but they will give him a roadmap to follow.


Look at your life and ask yourself whether you are better off now than you were a day, week, month or year ago. There should be evidence of progress, no matter how small. If not, make a decision that you will no longer settle for stagnation or regression. Make plans for progression, and follow through on those plans with action steps.

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