Just Asking… (Where do you find your inspiration?)

The creative abilities of others are amazing. Sometimes, a person creates a masterpiece that captures the attention of the masses. It can be a song, painting, book, poem, invention or other entity. That piece of work moves beyond the pages, canvases, musical notes, etc. and speaks to individuals’ souls. It seems the piece comes alive, taking on a life of its own, stirring the emotions of others, at times moving them to take action. Such inspiration may come at the spur of the moment, sometimes without much effort or after many hours of toil and struggle.


A person may be taking a walk, and inspiration captures him. He may be sitting quietly, and an idea comes to mind. He may be in a laboratory, frustrated by his previous attempts when a new method storms his mind. He may be jolted from a dream, equipped with a new way of doing something.


Where do you go to get your inspiration? Do you go to a beautifully adorned park? Do you sit quietly, waiting to be inspired? Do you pray for answers? Do you read a moving novel to get your inspirational juices flowing? Do you listen to motivational material? Do you get inspired by surrounding yourself with talented people or those who possess great wisdom?


Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything at any time. The receiver has to recognize and capture it in the moment it’s presented, and then act upon it. Think about the times you were inspired. Did you act on it, or did you allow that moment to pass into the vastness without taking action? Remember, one can’t determine when the moment of inspiration will transpire, but when it does, be ready to move. You never know, moving on an inspired moment may change the course of your life.

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