Just Asking… (Do you know walking in offense can take you off your road to destiny?)


It takes some people longer than others to discover purpose, and after they find what they are destined to do or who they are destined to be, most work towards it with diligence. Nevertheless, things may occur to cause a person to lose focus, making it difficult to continue on the road that he was designed to travel.


Have you ever seen a person progressing smoothly in his profession, gleaning from his mentor and after working together for a while his mentor says something to hurt his feelings? Instead of working through the issue or looking for areas of improvement, that person throws in the towel and refuses to listen to anything else his mentor says. Even if he has gained much knowledge from his mentor, he chooses to throw the entire relationship away because of an offense. An old cliché describes it as throwing the baby out with the bath water. As we examine the cliché, we would say it’s absurd for someone to do such a thing, but if a person is not careful, he may make the same mistake because of an offense.


Not only that, a person may belong to an organization that has benefited him and helped him grow. Yet one day, one of its members fails to acknowledge his presence, or another member points out one of his flaws, and the person decides not to return to the organization. He leaves without attempting to work towards a resolution.


It is easy to dismiss something or someone because of one offense. However, before bolting, a person should ask himself is that the right thing to do. Sometimes those very people, places, organizations, etc. are placed in a person’s life to help him move to the next level, but if he leaves them prematurely, he may postpone his promotion. Leaving is not always wrong, but before one throws in the towel, he should decide whether that is the best decision. He shouldn’t act hastily, but he should put some thought into his actions before he acts.


Look at areas where you were offended. Did you make decisions while you were hot with emotion that you later regretted? That one little act could have caused you to take a detour from your destiny. No, I’m not advocating abuse in any form. I’m just asking you to stop and think before making your move. Be one who considers his ways. Don’t allow one offense to cause you a lifetime of wandering.

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