Just Asking… (Do you realize when a person gets sick and tired of his situation, he’ll make a change?)

Have you ever seen a person in a bad situation for an extended period? Many may have counseled him about making a change, but in return, he makes excuses why things are the way they are. No matter how many people try to encourage him, he recoils from their advice and defends his state. He may whine and complain about his status to anyone who will listen, but he refuses to take the necessary steps to move forward.


He blames his situation on his parents, race, social economic status, lack of education, lack of opportunity or anything else that is convenient. These things may play a factor in why he started out in life as he has, but they are not sufficient excuses why he should remain where he is.


As you examine history, you will see many people starting out in menial places, sometimes having nothing but the clothes on their backs as they journeyed and sought better lives. They may have struggled and worked long hours, but they held on to the vision of obtaining better lives for them and their offspring. Instead of succumbing to the negative vibes that surrounded them, they pushed towards their marks, knowing that better was somewhere within reach.


It can be the same for the person who is in an undesirable situation. No, circumstances may not currently be like he wants them, but if he puts in effort and is persistent, he can make a change in his life. Many times, he has to get to the point of no return before he makes his move. Many times, he has to see no other way before he makes a way. Many times, he has to get extremely uncomfortable in his present state before he looks to move to another state. Many times, the pain of remaining where he is has to be intolerable before he decides to move to another place.


At times like these, he doesn’t have to wait on motivation from others. Something within him awakens, and he is moved to make a change. He has come to the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. He has come to the point where change is solicited and welcomed.

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