Just Asking… (Isn’t it dangerous to live a hypocritical life?)

A person may spend an excessive amount of time polishing up the outside because he wants to impress those around him. He may spend hours on his hygiene, refusing to go out in public without smelling his best and having every hair in place. He may make sure he uses the best whitener for his teeth, ensuring that his smile is radiant. He may use the most expensive cologne, leaving a memorable scent behind after he’s gone. He may even choose the best outfits, coordinating his wardrobe to perfection.


Not only does he perfect his appearance, but also he lavishes others with flowery words, knowing how to win respect and influence others. He knows how to tell others what they want to hear, and he uses his words with the greatest of ease. When others are looking, he takes special care to present himself as a law-abiding citizen.


These things in themselves are not wrong, but it is disastrous when a person presents well on the outside but inwardly, he is deceptive. It is a tragedy when he speaks well to or about a person, but within his heart, he craves destruction for that person. It is a calamity when he says he has someone’s best interest at heart, but he befriends that person only to benefit himself. It is treacherous for him to present himself as loyal when disloyalty looms in his heart. It is a crime to act as a law-abiding citizen, when secretly he is breaking the laws of the land.


A person like this has perfected the art of playacting. He lives his life as if he were in a dramatic performance, pretending to be someone he is not. The interesting thing about a hypocrite is that he is so convincing in his role that others believe who he says he is. They take him at face value, not realizing the darkness that resides in his heart. But regardless of how the hypocrite has perfected his false character, the truth has a way of bursting through the falsity and surfacing. When it does, it usually hurts those involved with the pretender.


Time has a way of exposing this individual for who he is, so when choosing those to enter your life, use caution. Allow time to reveal what the heart tries to conceal.

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