Just Asking… (What legacy are you leaving behind?)

Your life speaks volumes, and whether you realize it or not, someone is observing you, maybe even emulating some of the things you do. Knowing this, how would you sum up your life? Are you proud of the way you’ve lived so far? Is your life saying exactly what you want it to say? Are you touching the lives of others in positive ways just by performing your daily routine?


Oftentimes, you can motivate people to change without even trying. They may watch how you handle difficult situations, and because of your endurance, they may be encouraged to move forward with the same persistence. They may watch you rise to a level of success, and because of your example, something within them rises up with the same fervor and propels them to higher heights. They may observe the way you handle your relationships and as a result, make commitments to react to others in the same manner. They may see your integrity and because they see it lived out in the flesh, they may attempt to move beyond their moral shortcomings. They may know about your mistakes, but they watch you accept responsibility for your actions and move beyond your mistakes to become a better person. This in turn lets them know they can overcome their mistakes too.


Each person has a sphere of influence. It may be at home, at school, in a neighborhood, on the job, in an organization, in a relationship, etc. In that sphere, he is leaving a legacy, something that he will pass on to another. Others will look at a person’s legacy and praise him for what he’s done, or they will use his legacy as something to avoid. Regardless, a legacy is being left, with or without that person’s consent.


Think about the script you are writing by living your life. This is one story where you are the author, and each day adds a new page. You get to decide the legacy you want to leave. Will it be one of motivation or devastation? The choice is yours.

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