Just Asking… (Do you know that living a life of indecision can be crippling?)

Indecision can be a nuisance, especially when a firm decision is needed to move things forward. When a person is indecisive, he has difficulty reaching a conclusion. He may feel one way about a situation at a particular moment, but as soon as conditions change, he feels another way about the same situation. He vows to stand firm on a belief when he is around one group, but as soon as that group leaves and others surround him, he changes his view in order to conform.


This person can be compared to a chameleon. He changes his colors depending on his environment. The populace sways him, and standing up for himself is out of the question. He moves about as the waves in the sea, never forming a firm foundation. He readily wavers between opinions, not taking time to evaluate how he really feels about issues.


Living a life of indecisiveness may appear to be the life of the carefree, but it actually shows a person’s irresponsibility. It’s easy to ride on the coattails of others, that way, a person can always blame his actions on someone else; but if he makes a decision based on his reasoning and beliefs, he has no one to blame for the outcome but himself. Even though indecisiveness seems to be playing it safe, it places a person in the danger zone. He lives his life according to the dictates of others, oftentimes heading down paths that may not be right for him.


It’s wise to take time to evaluate information before making a decision, and at times, a person may wrestle about which way to go. However, living a wishy-washy life zaps character from a person. It identifies him as fickle and unreliable. It stifles his spirit and turns him into a human robot.


Be careful if you can never make up your mind about anything. You may be operating on the hinges of indecision, a slippery slope that’s heading nowhere but down.

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