Just Asking… (Are you spending your time wisely?)

Each person is given the same amount of time in a day: 24 hours, 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds. Regardless of his lot in life, he can’t barter for more than the amount of time that’s allotted for that day. He can’t lend his time to others, and he can’t borrow segments of time to make his day longer. He must work with what he is given, and it’s up to him whether he uses time to his benefit.


If he doesn’t see the value of time, he will engage in activities that rob him of this worthwhile commodity. He may sleep too much, worry too much, linger in indecision or partake in other things that rob him of what he can never regain. It may seem like a small thing to waste seconds, but seconds turn into minutes and before he knows what hit him, he has devoted hours to something that isn’t productive.


The great thing about time is that a person can only live in the present. He can’t relive what happened yesterday, nor can he live in tomorrow. He must decide every second how he will spend his time. Yes, life may throw him unexpected curves, but even in that, he must choose his responses.


Think about how you are spending your time. Are you wasting it on frivolous things? Are you procrastinating, telling yourself that you will perform that task later? Are you using your time to fret about things you cannot change?


What if you were told you had only 86,400 seconds left in your life? Would the seconds appear more valuable? Would you live your life differently? Would you throw off the shackles and try something new? Would you go after the items on your “bucket list” with fervor?


Just know that your time is valuable, and once it slips into eternity, you can never retrieve it. So use it wisely every day, beginning today.

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2 thoughts on “Just Asking… (Are you spending your time wisely?)

  1. jakozbek

    I have been trying to focus on this thought of valuing time above possesions. It’s hard sometime, and we often treat it as an endless resource. Today I’ll focus on being aware of the time going by, and I’ll do my best to make the most of it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. vonchris Post author

      I have been evaluating my time also. It’s amazing how much time I’ve wasted. I’m working to do better. Thanks for commenting.



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