Just Asking… (Do you know things may be working behind the scenes for you?)

Sometimes a person may want to give up because he feels he isn’t reaching his goals fast enough. He may have done all he knows to do, but instead of things progressing, they seem to lag in time, taking forever to change. He may observe others, and they seem to be making strides. This makes him feel worse about his situation, and he wants even more to drop out of the race and relinquish what he’s already accomplished. He’s tired of having to struggle and fight for what he wants, and at times, he doesn’t want to hear any more about hard work.


Then, he sits back and thinks about what he’s already invested in his work. He thinks of the sleepless nights, the brainstorming, the sweat and the excessive amount of time he’s spent to get to the point where he currently is. As he ponders on the cost, something within him rises up and pushes him towards his goal. A voice within lets him know that he can’t give up; it tells him if he continues to pursue, he will one day reach the finish line.


Many times, he can’t see the other players who are going to help make his dreams come to fruition. Maybe a desire has to be placed in someone’s heart for the very thing he is working on. Maybe someone has to get in the right place to see the very thing he is presenting. Maybe someone is looking for an opportunity to invest in the right idea but hasn’t crossed paths with the thing that will move him or her.


There is more to life than what is currently before a person. Connections are made all of the time, and that person may be minutes away from a divine connection that can change his life.


Never base your dreams only on what you see now. Do all you can to make things happen, but believe factors you can’t see are working on your behalf. Believing this may take a leap of faith. But what is life without faith? How can dreams exist if faith is not present?


Settle it today. Put on your best performance when pursuing your dreams, but never forget the power of things working behind the scenes for you. It takes both parts to reach the desired goal. And who knows…if you refuse to give up, you may get that enthusiastic recognition that comes with determination, a refusal to relinquish your dreams and that behind-the-scene factor that finally crossed your path.

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