Just Asking… (Are you willing to shut off the naysayers?)

If a person lives long enough, he will experience a naysayer. A naysayer is a person who doesn’t believe in a person’s dreams. He finds reasons why a person can’t do something, and he makes a habit of letting that person know how he feels. Sometimes the naysayer shares his opinion politely, telling a person that he is approaching the borders of his life and if he wants to stay in the safety zone, he must turn back. Sometimes he’s firm about his opinion, demanding that the person has gone too far, and he forbids the person to move forward. Sometimes a naysayer will spread his venom through the media, providing statistics for his bogus claims. He will use any means necessary to keep a person inside the box, because if he can keep a person inside the box, there is no threat, there is no discomfort.


A naysayer may provide many reasons for his negative claims. He may tell a person that it has never been done that way before. He may tell a person that his race, educational status, family of origin or socioeconomic status dictates his lot in life. He may even manipulate events or information to keep someone under his control. Regardless, his goal is to shut down a person’s progress, and he will use any means necessary.


Surprisingly, a naysayer can come in any form. He may be a family member, friend, co-worker, supervisor or foe. He may come smiling, pretending he has a person’s best interest at heart, or he may be overt, showing his true colors. Either way, his purpose is to stifle a person’s progress.
Don’t confuse a naysayer with an advisor. An advisor has a person’s best interest at heart, and he will provide warning and caution when needed. A naysayer’s motive is different, he doesn’t consider what is best for the person, and many times his claims are what’s best for him.


Now that you know the role of a naysayer, what will you do about him? Will you listen to his claims and fall prey to them? Or will you refute them and move on in spite of what he says? The decision is yours. Just know, you have the power to shut off his words and proceed, refusing to allow his words to have power over your destiny.

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