Just Asking… (How do you handle problems?)

At some point in time, each person will encounter problems. Life presents each individual with challenges, some to a greater degree than others. Some have to deal with health issues. Some have to deal with family issues. Some are forced to deal with their finances. Some have emotional problems. Some have to deal with addictions, while others have to deal with an array of issues. Regardless the form, the uncertainty is not in whether or not a person will encounter problems, it’s in how that person handles his problems.


Some people choose to ignore their problems, hoping that sticking their heads in the sand will make their problems go away. When people handle their problems this way, their problems are magnified. Instead of dealing with them while they are smaller challenges, they allow them to grow to the point that they have to do something about them. Others tell everyone they know about their problems. They rehearse them repeatedly, yet they never do anything to correct their issues. Then there are those who face their problems head on. They may not know exactly what to do, but they refuse to sit and feel sorry for themselves. They are bold enough to get counsel if needed. They take action, regardless how small, in order to make changes. If they are dealing with issues they cannot change, they change their perspectives about their situations. Regardless, they refuse to allow their problems to linger without fighting to find solutions.


Examine your history of problems. How have you handled them? Have you given up without a fight? Did you tell everyone who would listen about your problems, yet you refused to take action steps to rectify them? Did you stick you head in the sand, hoping your problems would go away? Or did you face your problems head on, doing whatever you could to find solutions?


Know that you may not have power over the problems that enter your life, but you do have control over how you deal with them. If you’ve been handling them incorrectly, change courses and try something more constructive.

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2 thoughts on “Just Asking… (How do you handle problems?)

  1. benjii1993

    Great text and a good question! I find it hard to deal with problems. I feel like I can’t ask for any help, because I want to be brave and not look weak for me close ones. Its something I have to be better at, showing more feeling I guess.
    I think the best way to handle a problem is to be going deep down and ask to yourself “What do I have to do?” Rather than “What do I want to do”. You have to be brave enough to sacrifice things, going out side your comfort sone.

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