Just Asking… (Why do people lie?)

Lying has become commonplace in our society. When someone lies, he tells an untruth, hoping to defraud a person or persons in some way. Not only that, a person can lie by omission. He may leave out important information, thereby masking the truth. Some people believe that lying is not bad, especially if it helps advance a cause. They justify that a “little white lie” is acceptable if the situation calls for it. They feel that if they don’t get caught, no harm is done.


However, have you ever thought about why a person lies? A person may lie to make himself look better in the eyes of others. He may want to seem important, and because he feels his status doesn’t measure up to what is expected (by him or others), he exaggerates the truth. A person may lie because he doesn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. Instead of being honest about an issue, he glosses over the truth and says what he thinks another wants to hear. A person may lie to keep out of trouble. He knows that he has done something wrong, and when confronted with the situation, he denies it vehemently. Then again, a person may lie because he has formed a habit of lying. He has lied so much that it is difficult for him to recognize the truth.


Have you ever lied? If you have, examine the reasons for your lies. Did you want to make yourself feel more important? Did you want to spare someone’s feelings? Did you want to avoid getting into trouble? Do you lie because you have formed a habit of lying?


Regardless the reasons for lying, if the truth is discovered, trust is usually broken. So think about that next lie before you tell it. Maybe the truth will work better in the end. Moreover, if you are doing something you have to lie about, maybe, just maybe, you should change what you’re doing.

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2 thoughts on “Just Asking… (Why do people lie?)

  1. benjii1993

    Like this text! I try lying only when I feel like I need it. It happens that I lie on like small things, but I try not to. I think everyone lies, its in our nature. Its up to us to control it.

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