Just Asking… (Are you aware that each level of advancement brings new challenges?)

Most individuals desire promotion or advancement. They work hard, and they look to move up the ladder in whatever endeavor they are undertaking. However, with each level of advancement comes new challenges. Things that were commonplace at lower levels may not be as prevalent when one reaches the next level. Instead of being able to perform tasks on autopilot as he did when he was familiar with an area, a person may have to apply himself diligently whenever he moves upward, especially in the beginning. In his new role or status, there are things for him to learn and areas for him to conquer.


Interestingly, those familiar with that person at a lower level may not be able to relate to him in his new level. They may say that he’s changed, and he no longer has things in common with them. His advancement may put a strain on some of his relationships, at times, causing some of them to dissolve.


Additionally, the way he dealt with things at a lower level may no longer be appropriate at his new level. He may have to learn new coping skills in order to be successful. Not only that, he may have to acquire more education in order to flourish. He may run into problems that he hadn’t faced before, and he may have to learn different ways to handle them. He may also be exposed to a diverse group of individuals, those who operate differently than those in his former circle.


All of these experiences can be positive if the person approaches them with the right attitude. They can stretch the individual in ways that the individual never knew was possible. He can learn and grow immensely.


So remember, advancement is good, but it also provides challenges. Don’t cave in and quit when they come, know that it is part of the process, a process that can strengthen if only allowed.

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