Just Asking… (Do you know self-discipline is a virtue?)

To some, discipline is a dirty word. It requires effort over the long haul, many times, repetitive, tedious effort. It is doing something when a person doesn’t feel like doing it in order to sharpen a skill or move towards a goal. It may mean rigorous training, even if pain or boredom is involved.


It’s amazing how readily an individual can sprout out his desires, and many times, start heartily and diligently; however, if one watches that person, he will be able to tell how badly he wants what he says he wants. The observer will be able to tell whether that person’s aim is a whim or a passionate desire. If it is a whim, his efforts will be fleeting like the wind, but if it is a desire, he will invest time and energy into it on a consistent basis.


No one can make a person become self-disciplined. Others can encourage him and root for him, but the individual is the only one who can determine his follow through. Usually, it is a slow process, but if continued, the rewards are great.


Think about something you said you wanted. Were you willing to invest the necessary time and energy into it? Did you work towards it day after day, even when you felt like you were wasting your time? Did you continue on your path even when no one recognized your efforts? Did you pursue even if your feelings told you something different?


You are the only one in control of your efforts. If you want something or want to change something, begin with self-discipline. Then continue pursuing your goal regardless of the change of seasons, the words of others or your changing emotions. Know that a habit, if continued, becomes a lifestyle. So if you want a different lifestyle, develop a different habit, and perform that habit repeatedly, until it becomes a part of you.

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