Just Asking… (What are you allowing to flood your mind?)

In this day and age, we are bombarded with information from every direction. We can listen to information on the radio, read it in the newspaper, peruse it on the internet or listen to it over the phone. Information comes to us in so many forms and many times, it comes quickly, without thought or much effort. But have you ever thought about the information you’re ingesting? Have you ever thought about what you are exposing yourself to? Have you ever taken the time to think about what you’re looking at on television or what you are reading in a magazine? Have you ever thought about the information you allow others to plant in your mind?


This topic has been discussed many times, but it is worthy of repetition because it is so crucial. Whatever you allow to enter your mind has a way of dictating your life. You may not realize the results immediately, but small bits of information accumulate over time, and before you know it, you have developed a paradigm or a specific way of thinking. You may have found yourself moving in a specific direction, not realizing that what you have heard repeatedly have caused you to do so. It comes so subtly, many times causing a shift in your behavior before you realize what has happened.


We can readily see this in such groups as cults and gangs. Individuals are indoctrinated to a specific culture and before they realize the harm done, they have left their old ways of thinking in exchange for ways of thinking that rob them of their individuality, and many times rational thinking. Just as information is pumped into the minds of these group members to change them, information is being pumped into each individual on a daily bases; and the interesting thing about this is that the results can be just as devastating. Ideas such as prejudice, hatred, selfishness, superiority, etc. are being pumped through different outlets, waiting for anyone with an opened mind to accept their poisonous stings.


With that being said, stop and think about the information you’re absorbing. Is it conducive to living a productive life, or is it slowly moving you towards bitterness, hatred, prejudice or the like? If it’s moving you in a positive direction, keep listening; but if the information you are hearing is moving you towards destruction, change stations and listen to something different.

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