Just Asking… (Do you know a braggart will weary his listeners?)

Have you ever met someone who is constantly bragging about his possessions or status? This type person will use every opportunity to tell others how great he is or what he has accomplished. He will go on and on about what he owns, many times, without being asked. He cannot enjoy the successes of others because he is so busy tooting his own horn. If someone shares an experience, he usually has one greater. If someone did something awesome, he has something to top that. He doesn’t give others an opportunity to congratulate him because he boasts of his greatness before anyone else can. Not only that, he usually gives his audience an exaggerated rendition.


After a few rounds of listening to his boasting, his listeners usually become weary of his one-man performance. They know that whatever they share, in his mind, he will outrank them; and even if he acknowledges their accomplishments, it is usually brief so that the spotlight is turned back on him.


It is a sad commentary to watch someone so focused on himself. Many times, he performs this way to cover some inadequacy. When a person is truly secure, he doesn’t have to announce his greatness everywhere he goes. His greatness speaks for itself. And if he is truly accomplished, others will notice his accomplishments without them being announced.


Just know, nothing is wrong with a person telling others about something great he’s done or informing others about something he has. The danger comes if that person makes it a habit, and it turns from an occasional thing to an annoying one-man performance, with the spotlight always shining on him.

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